Wagg’s Painting is committed to providing the best customer satisfaction through quality craftsmanship, reliability and high-grade professional painting at competitive prices. We invest in building a fruitful, long-term business relationship with each of our clients. We strive to be one of the leading painting companies in Central Ontario within the residential and commercial markets. Our assurance to every client is simple. We guarantee that you will find Wagg’s Painting to be the best company to meet all your painting and refinishing needs.

Wagg’s Painting is a family-owned company, based in Barrie, Ontario. We specialize in both interior and exterior painting, and can take care of any of you residential or commercial painting needs. We’re a small company, focused on high quality and making sure that our first time customers become return customers and friends. From the first free painting estimate phone call you will receive the quality and service you expect. Contact us today to find out how we can transform your next painting project.



There is nothing like a nice coat of paint to make a room, a house or any space come alive — but a paint job is only as good as the painter doing it! Don’t take our word, read the reviews below.





Colour Gallery

  • Excellent painting company right from the start. We were impressed by Chris Wagg's knowledge of paint technology, ie. the right paint for the right place in our condo which meant a different type of paint for bathrooms, which are damp, from the other areas which are normally dry. The work was outstanding. Great paint crew. Very high quality. I don't hesitate in recommending Wagg's to anybody wanting a high quality job.

    Michael Dillon Avatar Michael Dillon
    February 9, 2024
  • We have used Wagg’s Painting several times for projects in our home over the last 2 years. They provide professional painting services, are efficient in the work that they do, and provide high quality work. I wouldn’t hesitate to continue to use their service and highly recommend them to others.

    Karen Fleming Avatar Karen Fleming
    February 6, 2024
  • Chris and his team arrived on the exact day that they said that they would arrive. They completed the job within the time frame that they said they would. In addition, the process from start to finish was managed professionally and Chris and his entire team were a pleasure to work with. I recommend them highly.

    Dave Doyle Avatar Dave Doyle
    January 22, 2024
  • I hired Chris to paint a rental property that was quite worse the wear after my tenants left and which I wanted to list. Chris was patient and attentive during the consultation, made some great suggestions about what paint colour would be best for the sale. His crew was very professional and hardworking and there was a lot of skimming and prep work to do. The final job totally exceeded my expectations; the place looks fresh and renewed. I would gladly recommend Wagg's Painting and would certainly hire Chris again for another job. Rev. Michael Peterson

    Michael Peterson Avatar Michael Peterson
    January 15, 2024
  • Chris and his team do wonderful work. Chris has painted two of our houses and has painted numerous family homes. Thanks for being so particular we are very happy Chris. Have a wonderful Holiday season.

    Catherine Brassard Avatar Catherine Brassard
    November 17, 2023


Painting a house can be a big project. If you don’t know what you are doing, it can turn into an expensive mess fast. Why not seek the help of professionals? Contact us for your free estimate, or to discuss your specific needs



Why do painters wear white?


In England, in the 18th Century painters started wearing white clothing because the most popular paint colour used was white. More specifically – Whitewash. Whitewash was a common substance used mostly on the exterior of a building. The liquid was a cheap substitute for real paint. It would rub off onto your clothing if you leaned against even after it was quite dry.

Now think about the fact that whitewash was used outside. This meant that painters had to work long hours in the heat and sun, and the best colour to repel the sun is white, it made sense to wear white.

And finally, when you got plaster or whitewash on your clothes, the painter would still look clean.


Union painters provided the next good reason to maintain the white and turned the regular white clothing into a uniform they were proud to wear. The union painters wanted to differentiate themselves from the non-union painters, who would wear white shirts and dark pants, so union painters started wearing white pants, white shirt and a bowtie. Yes, a bowtie. Making them look more professional than the non-union painters.


Today, painters that wear white do so for many reasons.

I wear white because it shows customers and potential customers that I am a Professional Painter.

Fun Fact:

In case you want to get technical, white is not actually a colour! Pure white is the absence of colour. In other words, you can’t mix colours to create white. Therefore, white is the absence of colour in the strictest sense of the definition.

What type of paint do you use?

Benjamin Moore. Most often we use Regal Ulti-Matte by Benjamin Moore on the walls. In kitchens and bathrooms we like to use Aura Bath & Spa by Benjamin Moore because of its superior durability in rooms with moisture.

What should I do to prepare for painting?

The following are things you can do to prepare for painting:

  • Remove any curtains and curtain rods from the walls we will be painting
  • Circle lightly with a pencil all the holes that do not need to be filled prior to painting because you will be using them again after painting.
  • Remove any light switch and receptacle covers from the walls we will be painting and set them aside. We suggest that you put them in a plastic bag with a zipper so you don’t lose any small screws
  • If you’re able to move the furniture, please move it to the centre of the room and away from the walls to be painted.
what kind of safety precautions do you use?

Wagg‘s Painting is fully insured. If one of our painters gets injured on your property or damages something – it’s our insurance that will take care of it and not yours.

do i need stay home while you are working?
No, you do not need to stay home.
can you help choose paint colours for my house?
Yes. Wagg‘s Painting can help guide you in choosing colours that work for you and your personality. We are not professional colour consultants but we do know the latest trends and can advise you. If you need a professional colour consultant we can recommend one to you.
can i be at home while you are painting?
Yes. You can be home while we’re painting. We don’t mind you watching; you may even learn something about painting. Ask us any questions while we paint
Do you also repair drywall?
Yes! If you need your wall repaired because of nail, screw or wall anchor hole – we will repair it. In fact, we can fix most of your drywall repairs.
how long will it take for work to begin?
The process begins the day that you are booked. We say process because painting is just a part of the overall experience. You can be sure that the preparation of the wall will take just as long as painting it. We take great pride in our wall preparation so you have the best finish.
what can i exprect in an estimate?
You can expect honest pricing that we stand by. The estimate is the price that you will be charged when the job is complete. As long is there is no change to the scope of work there will be no change to the price on the quote.