Commercial Services

Repainting of a Chiropractic Office by Wagg's Painting

At Wagg’s Painting we understand that hours during the day are very precious to you and your business. The painters need to get in and out without much interruption to your staff and customers. That’s why we adjust our schedule to your schedule. If you need us to paint after hours – we do it! If you need us to paint on the weekends – we do that too!

Our Painters are fully insured, prepared to work around your schedule, and know how to be professional in and around your business environment.

Painting your commercial setting after hours and on the weekends allows paint time to dry, and you can rest assured that the smell of paint will be gone when you and your staff arrive for work in the morning.

Office Painting

Depending on the size of an office building and scheduling arrangements, office painting can take a few days to a few weeks. Our trained painters will work around your office’s schedule to ensure that your office project is completed with minimal interruptions to your regular work day. Preparation work, and sanding will be completed and contained before the paint job begins.

Wallpaper Removal

Freshen up your commercial building or apartment building by removing out-dated wallpaper. Wagg’s painting can transform the look and feel of your building, just by removing the wallpaper and applying a new coat of paint!